Dr Carrie Pemberton Ford

Our Director and lead coach Carrie Pemberton Ford, has been immersed in public policy development and as a counsellor and mentor for over three decades of working life. Carrie has mixed her consultancy and research work, in Africa, India and the UK, alongside being one of the first women priests in the Church of England, founding the first online forums for spiritual support, echaplaincy.org, in 2003.
A mother of five, Carrie has a rich understanding of the resilience and boundary setting challenges of raising children alongside developing ones own unique career path. With experience in NGO and business sectors, Carrie has for the last decade worked as a senior consultant and trainer in the delivery of gender equity, diversity and inclusion training, across public sector and SME environments.
Carrie's coaching is much sought after, due to its generous, dynamic and outcome based focus, rooted in the appreciation of the four journeys which each one of us undertakes and has to negotiate across our lives. These four journeys encompass our health, our wealth making quest, our
emotional development and our movement towards inner and external reconciliation, which many call spirituality. This is the rich context in which your particular coaching and mentoring needs will find a nurturant and highly effective space to be explored and to achieve break-through insights.
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