Welcome to Cambridge Executive Coaching

Here at Cambridge Executive Coaching we are committed to support you in achieving excellence in your life as well.  Whether in 

  • moving forward your life, your aspirations, or your working practice  
  • a recent graduate starting out on your career 
  • a mid-term professional looking to build your competencies to the next level 
  • considering a ‘breakthrough’ in work  
  • seeking to improve the quality of your relational life and emotional intelligence   
  • putting the key elements for an entrepreneurial business 
  • Looking for that elusive 33% gap, for your drive in ‘leaning in’ and moving up


See the packages we offer below:



An opportunity to reflect on where you have been, and where you want to get to. This programme includes an opportunity to explore the resources we carry around in our bodies, minds, memories and hearts for our onward development.

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This programme of 4-6 weeks will explore the impacts of stress, burn out, overwhelming and how individuals and teams can build personal resilience to stress and the threat of overwhelming.

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Are you hoping to take up a global position in your firm, or a new regional brief. This coaching support intervention will support you as you address the cultural translation issues

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Can you get your presentation and your best ideas down to ten words or less? When asked to present and ‘take the floor’ do you suddenly become a nervous wreck and tongue tied? Are you able to hook your audience in the first 45 seconds of presentation?

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How to think creatively as an individual and as a team brain storming – mind mapping - invert thinking – related systems thinking taking this through with a personal coaching frame at the end of the programme

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Are you at the end of your graduate fast-track opportunity and feel its time to move on? Or is this what you would like to be doing but don’t know how to ‘break in?’ Do you want to impress your senior reports, but find it difficult to know how?

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Have you taken time out to care for a loved one? Are you juggling child care and work or just thinking about returning to the work place? Would you like an improved work-life balance but don't know how to achieve this?

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