Dr Carrie Pemberton Ford

Our Director and lead coach Carrie Pemberton Ford, has been immersed in public policy development and as a counsellor, mentor and mediator, for over three decades of working life. Carrie has had a rich multi-cultural immersion, working in Central and West Africa, India, the Balkans, Scandinavia, southern Mediterranean countries and the UK.

As a Women's National Commissioner in early 2000, she chaired the first working group dedicated to developing BAME female recruitment to public office which has since realised some level of success in the decades since formation. If 'breaking through' personal or organisational barriers is a challenge which you are facing, then you will have as your companion a 'pioneering' woman priest who was in the first cohort to be ordained in the Church of England.

A firm believer in offline and online coaching, and the importance of finding 'companions in arms', she was the founding echaplain for Everywoman.org at the beginning of the internet revolution, and went on to found the first online forum for explicitly spiritual support in the UK, echaplaincy, in 2003. 'Whatever medium helps you to open up, be radically honest with yourself, and get under the skin of the problem confronting you - that is the medium we shall pursue' is her philosophy.
Carrie has a rich understanding of the resilience and boundary setting challenges experienced by many as parents, raising 5 children herself alongside developing her own unique career path. Whether a busy parent, son, daughter, pressured carer, husband, wife, single, attached, divorced or 'care-free', if you are seeking to move forward your work life, in some harmony with your other significant attachments and calls on your time, you will find a wise reception, with the right degree of challenge and onward steps for the next part of your personal progression. With experience in NGO, public sector, PPF, and business sectors, Carrie has for the last decade worked as a senior consultant and trainer in the delivery of gender equity, diversity and inclusion training, across public sector and SME environments. She has also worked extensively with the challenges of work-place bullying, harassment, and the sense of hopelessness, dis-empowerment and loss of confidence which can accompany failure in inclusion and work/life overload.
Carrie's coaching is much sought after, due to its generous, dynamic and outcome based focus.
A national College of Policing Senior Assessor for UK policing fast track, career progression and senior appointments, for over a decade, Carrie's grounding in public sector challenges, for performance management, partnership development, inspiring and supporting innovation and understanding the dynamics of developing and supporting high performing, diverse teams with stretching remits, is well set, and much appreciated.

In her one to one work, you will find yourself with a generous companion, listened and attended to, curious to explore with you your quest, however that may be shaped, deepening your self-awareness and opening up for you four journeys which each one of us has to negotiate across our lives. These four journeys include our health, our wealth making quest, our emotional development and social attachments, and our movement towards inner and external reconciliation.

This is the rich context in which your particular coaching and mentoring needs will find a nurturant and highly effective space to be explored and to achieve break-through insights. Whether you are working on personal material away from the work context, or seeking to address challenges and hurdles within the work place, you will find Carrie a wise guide to opening up the fundamental questions which need to be addressed, negotiating a route through or around relational/systemic blocks and opening up possibilities for transformation, increased resilience and personal flourishing.
Contact Carrie now on 07879 622 925 to step up yours or your team's performance right now.
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