Sketching Out Your Future

Great to have you here at the heart of one of our leading centres of excellence in high performing businesses, individuals and teams in the world today.

Here at Cambridge Executive Coaching we are committed to support you in achieving excellence across your life, whether you are:  

  • a recent graduate starting out on your career 
  • a mid-term professional looking to build your competencies to the next level 

moving forward your life, your aspirations, or your working practice so you can:

  • consider a ‘breakthrough’ in work - raise your profile, responsibilities, remuneration 
  • seek to improve the quality of your relational life and emotional intelligence   
  • put the key elements together for an entrepreneurial business / start up
  • look for that elusive 33% gap, for your drive in ‘leaning in’ and moving up
  • deal with some of the negative experiences you might have accrued, and shifting into positive framing

We Inspire You

You have come to the right place, a place where you will be heard and supported in getting that ‘next thing’ you need to rise, to re-cover, and to achieve. 

  • Each coaching intervention is supported by a purposeful dialogue with your personally assigned coach,  helping you to achieve significant breakthroughs in your personal knowledge, skills and self-understanding of how to take your next steps with assurance and full competence. 
  • Coaching is undertaken both face to face, on- line, or by phone. 
  • There are opportunities for group based support networks to develop 
  • There are opportunities for group ‘retreats’ and forums for grounding further the learning which takes place in your personalised coaching sessions with a CEC coach.

Grounded in a presencing and mindfulness practice base, Cambridge Executive Coaching offers a bespoke, personalised and professional approach to help you understand yourselfbetter, deal with yourself kindly, develop your core competencies, build inner resilience, and inspire your inner confidence, to reach in for your dreams and see them steadily realised in real time.

We Coach You

With a number of flexible programmes which have been created to support your growth, in a structured way, Cambridge Executive Coaching has the capability to prepare individuals and teams in:  

  • getting ready for substantial change,   
  • stepping up into (thought) and real time leadership,  
  • moving up in workplace responsibilities,   
  • seeking break-through in relationships in private and public spheres,  
  • managing stress more creatively 
  • re-building confidence and direction (particularly after a trauma)  
  • finding voice and developing your ‘core’ offer 
  • hearing yourself think  
  • regaining your sense of a balanced life  
  • digging deep and finding the hidden ‘pearl’ previously neglected 

We are here to accompany, provoke, support, inform and coach you into that next and better place, wherever that will take you.  Whatever your quest is, whatever your questions are, you are now in a space where you can be heard, where you will learn to listen deeply to your own inner wisdom and capabilities.  So sit down,  breathe, pick up the phone and take stock with your coach to move purposefully forward to a richer and more confident future, in tune with your capabilities and linked in with a richer network of possibilities and personal capabilities.