An opportunity to reflect on where you have been, and where you want to get to. This programme includes an opportunity to explore the resources we carry around in our bodies, minds, memories and hearts for our onward development.

 Includes initial training, and support for the development of meditative practice, for sensing the locked in wisdom of our own senses, and the opportunity to reflect with one of our team in the application of your learning, and your encounters in the context of your wider life, your work, your aspirations, and your relationships. 

 6 – 8 Week programme – Commit to 2 online sessions of 30 minutes each week – with practice sessions to resource you in your development in between.


This programme of 4-6 weeks intensive intervention explores the various impacts of stress, burn out, overwhelming and exhaustion and guides you through various methods of restoring balance, energy and resilience building for your onward journey.  This journey is one where your authenticity and innate capacity for flourishing is re-established, enables the coachee to take a fresh overview of the life-terrain which now lies ahead and starts to resource you with the skills required to take you to the next level.


Are you hoping to take up a ‘global’ position in your firm, or a new ‘regional brief’.

This coaching support intervention will support you as you address the cultural translation issues – and explore some of the potential challenges which await those who move domicile, language, relational and work environments.  If you are presently moving countries or language group or working with an international work force – this 6 week course is a great opportunity to share some of the challenges already facing you, or those which await as you re-locate. 

An empathetic, supportive and fascinating set of coaching sessions await you, to set you up in a strong and well-resourced place for taking this next step in your adventurous journey.

Each intervention programme has a mindfulness meditation opportunity offered to support individuals with developing their own sustained practice of strengthening their abilities to cope with stress, develop their self-confidence, and  generate their self-directed personal growth and ‘inner resource’ building.


  • Can you get your presentation's 'secret sauce' and your best ideas down to fifteen words ?
  • When asked to present and ‘take the floor’ do you suddenly become a nervous wreck and tongue tied?
  • Is the new world of Zoom causing you challenges in confidence and communication power?
  • Do you need some lift and guidance to get your communications on track?
  • Are your best thoughts normally taken forward by someone else?
  • Is executive confidence  your default tone ? or have you yet to FIND your voice?
  • What do you do when someone 'cuts into' your contribution or habitually overtalks?
  • Are people eager to hear your contribution, or do you need to pep up your narrative power?
  • Let's ‘invoke your vertical’, clarify your focus and bring transformational authority, empathy and confidence to all your contributions

Don’t waste any more time day dreaming.  With over 20 years of public speaking, seminar presentation, board room bargaining, conference delivery, panel chairing, and product pitching, our coaches will mentor you to your brilliance.  A 6 week programme to transform you from silent witness to an authentic voice with something to say.  Don't hold yourself back any longer.  Get in contact today.


How to think creatively as an individual and as a team:
brain storming – mind mapping   - invert thinking – related systems thinking
taking this through with a personal coaching frame at the end of the programme


  • Are you at the end of your graduate fast-track opportunity and feel its time to move on?
  • Or is this what  you would like to be doing but don’t know how to ‘break in?’
  • Do you want to impress your senior reports, but find it difficult to know how?
  • Do you dream of a potential break through but don’t know how to take the first step?
  • Have you a network which is waiting to be opened up – you just don’t know how to activate it?

If you are in a place and stage where your initial energy and joy seems to have ground its way into the dust, then come and find your FLOW, renewed energy and some flourishing.  Your future is really in your hands.  Get in contact today to mobilise your next stage.


This programme will look at the challenges which individuals and teams face in working with diversity in skills, backgrounds, cultures and life experience.

Some of the areas which can be addressed across this 6 week programme of coaching are:

  • Personal Recovery after a serious set back in work, relationships or health;
  • Moving forward and regaining confidence which can have particular applicability to;
  • Post Maternity;
  • Early Retirement;
  • Organisational down-sizing;
  • Redundancy;
  • A Serious health incident / diagnosis;
  • Relational breakdown;
  • Trauma;
  • Coming to terms with Inter-personal violence and building a way forward